Emergency powers to build Brexit lorry parks

Up to a further 29 lorry parks, from Devon and Somerset to Warwickshire and Suffolk, will be built in order to cope with border trading chaos after Brexit, under emergency government powers, which will take no notice of local objections. The move was revealed after the leak of a government document that described the current

The perfect storm threatening container haulage

The perfect storm threatening container haulage  There is not an industry sector that has not been impacted to some extent by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even those deemed ‘essential’ have had to battle unprecedented economic and operational challenges, but few have felt the impact quite as keenly as the hauliers that serve the container sector. Container

Turkey and UK close in one Free Trade Deal

As the UK and Turkey close in on a free trade agreement to boost bilateral trade up to £15 billion by 2023, Metro is enhancing our freight services to and from the region. Turkey is “very close” to signing a free trade agreement with the UK covering manufactured goods, agriculture and services, Turkey’s foreign minister