Brexit politics round-up 19th November

In two days we have gone from the EU insisting the UK needed to remove part of its controversial Internal Market Bill that breach the withdrawal treaty in order to get the trade deal done, to UK business secretary Alok Sharma insisting the EU and UK “have made progress” and that an agreement could be

New HMRC border system unworkable

HMRC’s legacy declaration system Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) is over 25 years old and should have been replaced by Customs Declaration System (CDS) in 2019, but CDS is behind schedule and experts say it is unworkable. One of the forwarding sector’s primary software providers, has written to HMRC stating it will

Brexit politics round-up 12th November

After suffering an expected defeat in the House of Lords on Monday over proposed laws which could breach Britain’s EU exit treaty, the government has affirmed its intention to re-table the contentious plan, that has been explicitly criticised by U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. Despite the President-elect stressing the importance of the Northern Irish peace deal

Experts ‘fear’ for critical Brexit systems

While government minister Michael Gove fielded questions on Brexit IT system release dates from a parliamentary committee, name changes and uncertainty about systems preparedness is making the logistics industry nervous. Mr Gove told the Future Relationship with the EU parliamentary select committee he “hoped” the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) will be ready by the

Logistics association highlight economic cost of No Deal Brexit

Logistics UK, the revamped Freight Transport Association (FTA), has warned that a No-Deal Brexit could have a significant effect on the price of all imported goods and could drive inflation up as a result. “Everyday household items we import will become more expensive under World Trade Organisation tariffs,” writes David Wells, the association’s CEO, “some

Brexit politics round-up 5th November

The US Presidential race could change Brexit dynamics, with Mr Trump commenting favourably on Britain’s decision to leave the EU, while Mr Biden, who has Irish heritage, has indicated he would not favour any action that threatened the Good Friday agreement. As the latest round of EU/UK trade talks finish up in Brussels without any

Brexit politics round-up 29th October

While Boris Johnson may be feeling some justification for his recent brinkmanship, with the trade talks apparently moving forward again, he is facing Brexit bill defeat (and possibly US displeasure) at what is likely to be a very pivotal moment. The Prime Minister’s plan to flout international law over Brexit is set to be blocked

Brexit Talks Resume

Brexit trade talks restarted last week in London, after both sides promised concessions and are today moving to Brussels, with observers hoping that both sides are edging closer to a deal.  EU trade negotiators returned to London last Thursday to restart Brexit trade talks, after both sides promised to work “intensively” for a deal. The

Does Australia’s experience portend Brexit chaos

In a concerning parallel with post-Brexit customs systems, in 2005 the Australian government pushed through the implementation of an integrated customs system – without industry participation – crippling the country’s supply chains. In 2005, the Australian government chose to ignore industry and push ahead with “ill-informed” changes, integrating import reporting, declaration and clearance systems into

Brexit politics round-up, 22nd October

After the bluffs, bravado and deadline dilution, the Brexit trade deal discussions are back on, after Michel Barnier made a statement in the European Parliament on Wednesday that both sides must be willing to compromise. Talks had stalled last week, with Downing Street insisting there was no point in resuming discussions unless there was a